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Insect powders. Model is set to analyze insect powders. We developed a regression algorithm for the real-time screening of protein content (using Kp factor 6.25) in insect powders of four edible insect species utilizing the full NIR range. The protein content ranges from 54.0% to 69.5% and can be used to predict protein content in partially defatted and none defatted insect powders.

What's New

Update the protein parameter.


  • Samples at room temperature (18 – 25ºC).
  • Collect background using the scanner cap and the exposure time was set at 10 s (1 measurements per sample).
  • Weight 1,5 g of insect powder sample.
  • Place the sample in the petri dish. Use the stamp (NAX10103, Si-Ware) to compact well the sample. Leave the stamp on top of the sample
  • Place the petri dish on top of the accessory of the Neospectra Scanner that leaves a gap between the sensor and the petri dish.
  • Collect the spectrum for 10 s
  • Repeat the same procedure a second time with a clean petri dish or you can clean your used petri dish with ethanol (98%).
  • Average the two independent predictions to obtain your %Protein sample

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